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Not just bouncing back, Resilience is Bouncing Forward

We know you want to live your life.

That's why our platform was created - to help you overcome challenges through our proven process, and reawaken your power to bounce forward in life.

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Meet the Resilience Team

Dedicated heart-centered people, working together

Francis Piché

Founder & CEO

Jason Flores

President & Chief Operations Officer

Stephane Dumont

Chief Innovation Officer

Ava Fang

Chief Heart Officer

Dr. Taryn Stejskal

Executive Resilience Expert

Kelsey Underwood

Head of Product Revolution

Meet the Strategic Partner Team

Dedicated to make humans the center of your business with inspired productivity as a result.

Kalina Donald

Strategic Partner | Chief Xperience & Innovation Officer

Martin Pow

Strategic Partner | Chief Risk, Audit & Opportunity Officer

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Join us for "The Five Components of Highly Resilient People"

Francis Piché, your Resilience Guide, will share a formula that can help you reawaken today!


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